Car Parts Supplier in Aberdeen

About Reid for Speed Ltd

Established in 1968 in Aberdeen serving thousands of contented customers most within a 50 miles radius of Aberdeen.

Reid for Speed Ltd beliefs of providing the customer with the finest auto products, excellent service and competitive pricing has not changed - this was our aim over 41 years ago and remains the same today.

Customers are serviced from our fleet of 10 vehicles and by experienced and knowledgeable staff, many of whom have been with the Company for over 20 years, providing our customers with an unrivalled level of service which is so important in today's demanding market.

We back up our service with a stock range of over 50,000 different automotive components the majority of which are manufactured by the World's leading original equipment suppliers, ensuring our customers always receive quality parts - off the shelf.

As we have developed we have become even more successful and a key contributory factor to this has been our membership of the Group Auto Union - the principal purchase and sales factor group in the UK - which allows us to be a key member in offering nationwide coverage on parts, service and warranty, thus making sure our customers are always able to remain competitive.

Reid for Speed Ltd continue to be committed and enthusiastic as we did when we opened our doors 41 years ago - our ambition is still to provide our loyal customers with the quality and service they require today, and in forthcoming years.


Aberdeen Car Parts Delivery